Plated Chicken Larb Cabbage Cups with Sriracha, Lime, and Green Beans

This recipe taught me what larb is – according to Plated, larb is a spicy ground meat salad, popular in Lao and Thai cuisines.  It reminded me a little of those delicious chicken lettuce cups I’ve gotten at PF Chang’s.  Unfortunately there were not enough cabbage leaves for more than 2 cups per plate, but we tore up the rest and ate it as a big salad.  I really enjoyed the green beans chopped up in a salad, I would have never thought about doing that, and think that it’s an easy technique for future recipes.  I also love the idea of using lettuce/cabbage instead of a tortilla or other starch.

Plated said that this recipe would take 40-50 minutes, it took me 32.  I did, however, completely burn the shallot which made it inedible.  Luckily it was just a garnish and not really needed.  The finished plate on the right I gave to my hubby since it was prettier.  All in all, this was a decent recipe.  Not my favorite Plated meal, but gave me good ideas for the future.

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Plated Beef and Pork Ragout over Pappardelle

My husband and I found this meal quite delicious.  The flavors and textures were fanstastic and I really appreciated that there wasn’t too much prep.  I also liked that I could leave the ragout simmering for up to 45 minutes, which allowed me to wash dishes and spend some quality time with my husband.  Overall, from start to finish it took over an hour (Plated said 40-50) minutes, but 30 of those minutes were not active time.  I’m pretty sure that pappardelle is my new favorite pasta.  It’s very similar to fettuccine, but I have yet to see it in the grocery store.  It’s just something different that I think could enhance a basic spaghetti sauce and meatballs.

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Plated Lamb Kofta with Pistachios and Herb Salad and Cannolis

Another good meal and dessert from Plated!  The lamb kofta was actually ready in 23 minutes, not the 25-35 Plated stated, however I had help from my husband.  He took care of seasoning the lamb and cooking it, I did the chopping and salad.  It was a very easy recipe, and also easy to replicate, espeically the yogurt sauce.  Who knew adding seasoning to Greek yogurt would make a decent tzatziki sauce?  I thought there was WAY too much onion and ended up only putting about 1/8 of an onion in the salad.

I also made the Chocolate Chip and Ricotta Cannolis.  While tasty, there just wasn’t enough filling for the provided 6 shells.  I ended up with 2 empty shells with no filling, but they tasted yummy!  It probably took me about 5 minutes to make the filling, then I let it chill.  Then it was about 5-10 minutes to fill the shells.

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Plated Thai Coconut Khao Soi with Chicken and Crispy Noodles

This was the BEST Plated meal yet.  The flavors were delicious, and it was ready in only 47 minutes.  This was the first meal that my husband told me to keep the recipe card so that we could recreate it and make it on our own.  Everything about it was tasty, the broth, the spices, t3-5-2015 10-29-12 AMhe noodles, the mustard greens, the chicken, EVERYTHING.  It was especially nice with the chicken thighs.  It’s not a cut of chicken I eat a lot, but I really liked the texture in the dish.  Plated said it would take 30-40 minutes, so it took me a little longer than that.  And, I’m not even counting the time it took to boil the water since I through that on the burner at least 20 minutes before I started the rest.  Thanks to Plated, I now know that “Khao soi is a Northern Thai curry-like soup of boiled and fried noodles, braised meat, and garnishes such as fresh herbs, chilies, and lime.”  I would definetly pay $12 a plate for the Khao soi I ate last night at a local Thai restaurant.  It was that good.


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Plated Roasted Quail with Salsa Verde and Spanish Rice

This dish was just a big fat fail.  I followed all directions and 20150302_174726the rice was undercooked, the quail needed 10 more minutes, and I learned my husband hates rice cooked with stewed tomatoes.  I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t as difficult as I feared- Plated said it was “Challenging” and it was actually fairly easy.  It took me 43 minutes, only 3 over the estimated 30-40 from Plated.  I was not a fan of the quail looking like quail.  I enjoy eating meat, but I don’t 3-3-2015 3-05-49 PMlike it when my meat looks like an animal, it makes me feel guilty.  The quail itself tasted good, and it was partially deboned which was nice.

I did really enjoy the salsa verde.  I have never cooked with anchovies before, or ever even really seen an anchovy.  I thought that it gave the salsa a nice flavor, and it was somewhat entertaining to watch it dissolve while I stirred.  I could have used a lot more salsa, it was very tasty and I would have liked to mix it in more with the rice.

This was the first Plated meal we ever had that created leftovers.  My husband ate 1 quail and a little salsa, and was just not into it, so I packed up the rest for me to eat later.  I have learned a good lesson, I will never again serve my husband stewed anything.

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Plated Cheesy Quinoa Casserole with Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower

This was another fantastic meal from Plated.  It would also be very easy to duplicate, the most time consuming part in recreation would be shredding the Brussels Sprouts since they came pre-shredded.  From start to finish, this took me 46 minutes (Plated said 30-40), but there was a lot of time when I was just waiting for the oven timer to go off.  I was able to wash dishes and even sit with my husband to talk about our days.  While I had tried Quinoa before Plated, it’s a lot more versatile than I originally thought.  I can definitely see myself eating it several times a month even without Plated.

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Plated Sweet Potato Skillet Lasagna with Turkey Sausage

This meal was AMAZING.  It was delicious, nutritious, and easy.  It’s something I plan on making in the future without Plated, and that can easily be modified to include 20150225_185726different meats or veggies.  It did take me almost an hour though, 57 minutes when Plate said 30-40.  However most of that time was spent waiting for water to boil and I was able to do other things.  The grossest part of this was removing the sausage from the casings.  I know how sausage is made, I’ve seen it done.  But something about squeezing the meat out of the casing just really got to me.  I did it though, and it was worth it.

There was a lot going on at the end right before I popped it in the oven.  In the third picture you can see I have the first layer of meat and sauce in the pan, then the boiling potatoes, then the ricotta mixture, then the remaining meat sauce.

I was a little worried that my lasagna pan was too big, but I just moved everything together and it worked fine.  The recipe said it served 3 people, which is quite rare for Plated, the first time I’ve seen it serve more than 2.  But there were no leftovers, my husband and I just divided it up and at it all.  🙂

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