Plated Pork with Beets

I’ve never been a big beet fan.  I’ve always thought that they tasted like dirt, but as I’ve gotten older I don’t mind the occasionally beet in a Greek salad.  20150216_16493520150216_173356This recipe really intrigued me, “Pork Chops with Golden Beets, Celery Root, and Goat Cheese”.  I didn’t even know golden beets were a thing!  They still had an earthy flavor, but it was much more subtle than red beets.  Since I made this over the weekend, hubby offered to help with all of the chopping.  Plated said it would take 40-50 minutes, it took the two of us together 44.  It was a pretty easy recipe, and there weren’t many dishes to wash after which is always a good thing.  I liked cooking the veggies in foil, it really helped soften them up.  It would be easy to take the skill (veggies + 2 TBS water + 1 tsp olive oil + salt + pepper) and transfer it to other vegetables and recipes.

If you are interested in Plated, please use my referral code so we both get free meals!!


One of my favorite things about Plated is that is has made me more of a DIY person when it comes to food.  There are a lot of things I would have never tried at home before, but Plated has given me the confidence to try new things.  Like making chocolate covered strawberries with my husband!!  These were an awesome treat, and way cheaper than buying them.  🙂

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