Plated Sweet Potato Skillet Lasagna with Turkey Sausage

This meal was AMAZING.  It was delicious, nutritious, and easy.  It’s something I plan on making in the future without Plated, and that can easily be modified to include 20150225_185726different meats or veggies.  It did take me almost an hour though, 57 minutes when Plate said 30-40.  However most of that time was spent waiting for water to boil and I was able to do other things.  The grossest part of this was removing the sausage from the casings.  I know how sausage is made, I’ve seen it done.  But something about squeezing the meat out of the casing just really got to me.  I did it though, and it was worth it.

There was a lot going on at the end right before I popped it in the oven.  In the third picture you can see I have the first layer of meat and sauce in the pan, then the boiling potatoes, then the ricotta mixture, then the remaining meat sauce.

I was a little worried that my lasagna pan was too big, but I just moved everything together and it worked fine.  The recipe said it served 3 people, which is quite rare for Plated, the first time I’ve seen it serve more than 2.  But there were no leftovers, my husband and I just divided it up and at it all.  🙂

20150225_18025420150225_180311   20150225_18351220150225_185929

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