Plated Pork with Spaetzle and Molten Chocolate Cake

The full name of the recipe is Pan-Roasted Mustard Pork with Spaetzle and Carrots.  I’m not a huge mustard fan, so was a little worried, but ordered this meal anyway for the spaetzle.  It’s just a type of noodle, but I love it and don’t get to eat it very often.  Plated said it would take 45-55 minutes, it took me 64 minutes from start to finish for the meal, but I also made the chocolate cake during that time.  It took a long time for the water to boil, so I was able to work on washing dishes and do other things around the house.  I was a little sad about the mustard topping, it broke in a couple pieces when I flipped the pork.  Also, I need to remember to always cook longer than Plated recommends on my stove.  Maybe my stove just isn’t as hot?  The pork was not done after the recommended amount of time, after I had served it I realized that and had to toss it back in the pan.  Everything was delicious, I even liked the mustard part, and could see myself making it in the future.


Oh my goodness.  The Molten Chocolate Cake was AMAZING.  A dangerous recipe to know, it shouldn’t be this easy to create delicious chocolatey desserts!  Plated said it would take 20-30 minutes to make.  I had it ready to go in the oven after 21 minutes, and I was working on the carrots and pork marinade at the same time.  Then after I plated the pork dish, I popped these babies in the oven for 15 minutes.  SO delicious!!  I can’t believe I’ve been paying over $5 for these babies in restaurants, they require such little effort.  This would be the perfect dessert for a dinner party.


If you are interested in Plated, please use my referral code so we both get free meals!!

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