Plated Skate Wing Schnitzel, Caramelized Vegetables, and Purple Potato Chips

Before this recipe, I did not know skate was a type of fish. I also didn’t really know what schnitzel was, and I had never seen a fennel root. Skate is a type of white fish, I found it similar to tilapia in taste and texture, but I should mention I do not have a refined palate. Schnitzel is a method of cooking, where you take thin meat and coat it in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs. I have used the schnitzel method of flour, egg, breading prior to this recipe, just never on very thin meat (usually fried chicken).  As for the fennel root, picture 3 shows a closeup.

This was the first recipe that was incomplete!  In the first step, Plated instructed me to chop the parsley. Which I did, but 3-30-2015 9-12-29 AMnowhere later in the recipe did they tell you what to do with it, so I ended up just putting it on top.  I contacted Plated to let them know, Heather told me it was supposed to be added in the sauce with the thyme. She also gave me a $6 credit for my trouble, which was not necessary, but appreciated! This was my second time contacting Plated about an issue (the first was about a moldy potato) and both times they have been very pleasant and placed credits on my account.

This meal was just okay in my book. My husband helped the whole time, and it still took 41 minutes, within Plated’s range of 40-50. I did especially enjoy the purple potato chips, but the rest was nothing spectacular. I wasn’t a huge fan of the fennel root texture, I would have preferred a different vegetable instead. Also, the sauce would have benefited from the parsley as there wasn’t really enough.  One thing I did NOT like at all was the disparity in the two fish fillets.  They were completely different sizes as you can see in the picture below- one was at least twice as big as the other. I ate the smaller one, and definitely wished I had a little more fish.

20150329_180910  20150329_181006 20150329_183654 20150329_185136

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