Plated Roasted Quail with Salsa Verde and Spanish Rice

This dish was just a big fat fail.  I followed all directions and 20150302_174726the rice was undercooked, the quail needed 10 more minutes, and I learned my husband hates rice cooked with stewed tomatoes.  I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t as difficult as I feared- Plated said it was “Challenging” and it was actually fairly easy.  It took me 43 minutes, only 3 over the estimated 30-40 from Plated.  I was not a fan of the quail looking like quail.  I enjoy eating meat, but I don’t 3-3-2015 3-05-49 PMlike it when my meat looks like an animal, it makes me feel guilty.  The quail itself tasted good, and it was partially deboned which was nice.

I did really enjoy the salsa verde.  I have never cooked with anchovies before, or ever even really seen an anchovy.  I thought that it gave the salsa a nice flavor, and it was somewhat entertaining to watch it dissolve while I stirred.  I could have used a lot more salsa, it was very tasty and I would have liked to mix it in more with the rice.

This was the first Plated meal we ever had that created leftovers.  My husband ate 1 quail and a little salsa, and was just not into it, so I packed up the rest for me to eat later.  I have learned a good lesson, I will never again serve my husband stewed anything.

20150302_181644 20150302_182141 20150302_183022

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