Plated Wild Mushroom Pappardelle with Marscapone

For the first time ever, my husband did all of the Plated cooking!  I came home a little late20150218_174621 from work and he had already started heating up the butter in a pan.  He’s a lot faster than I am, he only took 28 minutes, beating Plated’s 30-40 minute suggestion.  20150218_175857This photo shows everything except the butter, and I’m going to start including Plated’s recipe cards in my posts in case people want to duplicate or expand on them.   This was a fairly easy meal, he had to chop the mushroomies, chives, parsley, and garlic. Also not too much to wash, just the pan and the pot used to boil water and cook the pappardelle.  According to the internet, pappardelle is like wide fettuccine.   20150218_181159 20150218_181459It’s name comes from the Italian verb “pappare”, which means to gobble up.  My husband and I definitely gobbled this recipe up.  He said it was a 9/10 on his scale, and he would eat again maybe with some chicken.  I really have enjoyed having more vegetarian meals.  I used to think that dinner always required a meat.  Plated has shown me that vegetarian meals can be quite filling, and delicious!!


If you are interested in Plated, please use my referral code so we both get free meals!!

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