Plated Sicilian-Style Cod with Parsley Garlic Potatoes

At the risk of being repetitive, this was another 3-27-2015 12-39-45 PMfantastic Plated meal.  It was ready in 45 minutes, exactly what Plated estimated.  I loved the roasted potatoes, but the real star was the sauce.  Sun-dried tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic, white wine, red pepper flakes all combined together gave a really rich briny flavor, that perfectly accompanied the cod.  I did make a fairly innocuous mistake, I had misread the directions and combined the basil and parsley, putting both on the potatoes.  Luckily it didn’t seem to affect anything really, and everything tasted delicious on the plate.  Sorry the first picture is so blurry!  I always try to get one of everything in the package, so if someone is considering Plated they have a better idea of what they will be getting.  There is still a good deal of prep work, but I think having a yummy healthy meal ready in less than an hour is pretty good.  🙂

20150324_182743 20150324_184048 20150324_185218 20150324_190318 20150324_190816 20150324_191229

If you are interested in trying Plated, please use my referral code so we both get free meals!

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