Plated Chicken Sausage Gumbo and Carmelized Apple Tartlets

Every week I order from Plated, there’s always the option to order 1 or 2 desserts, at $4/serving.  After 2 months of Plated, I finally decided to try out a dessert!

The gumbo first.  This was a yummy and filling meal.  My dad’s mother grew up outside of NOLA, and I’ve always enjoyed the food.  I also like things spicy, and used all of the hot sauce and added more.  Pretty easy recipe, it took me 57 minutes, but there wasn’t a lot of active time.  Plated said it would take 45-55.  This is definitely something I could throw together with a few ingredients on hand.  Now I know how to make a roux!  It took awhile for the gumbo to thicken up, I was about to add more flour or corn starch, but decided to just wait a couple minutes, and it worked out well.

20150219_18122220150219_183643 20150219_190902 20150219_190919

I loved making the Caramelized Apple Tartlets with Crème Fraîche.  It was easy and delicious, and only took me 21 minutes, during which I was able to wash dishes.  The little tart cups were premade, and this was a no bake dessert.  All I had to do was cut and slice the apple, cook it in butter and sugar (and a pinch of salt), then spoon it in the tart cup when it was ready.  Amazingly simple and easy, and something I will probably do in the future with and without the tart cup.  I loved having a sweet and (somewhat) healthy dessert.  That being said, I do not think the two desserts together were worth $8.

20150221_210335 20150221_210349 20150221_212247 20150221_212444

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