Plated Braised Chicken with Gnocchi and Artichokes

My Italian husband LOVES pasta.  Especially gnocchi.  I don’t know what it is about those little potato dumplings it is that he enjoys so much, but he does.  I always try to order any Plated meal that has gnocchi or any other fresh pasta.  Fresh pasta tastes so much better than normal boxed pasta, but it also takes a lot longer to make and creates a huge flour mess in my kitchen.

This was another great Plated dish.  One thing I really need to do is go with my gut sometimes instead of following the directions completely.  For example, the recipe did not say to cut the artichoke hearts, so I left them whole.  These ended up being really hard to eat, as they were too large to eat whole and were awkward to cut once in the broth with the chicken and gnocchi.  My husband helped with this recipe and he took it upon himself to shred the chicken after cooking, which made it much easier and less messy to eat.  I let the chicken braise a little longer as we were busy doing other things, so it did take 1 hour and 12 minutes instead of the 45-55 minutes Plated advised.  But it was a tasty, delicious, and healthy meal.

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