Plated Miso Redfish Bowl

The Miso Rice Bowl with Roasted Redfish and Fried Parsley was another delicious meal from Plated.  This was probably one of the20150127_181800 EASIEST meals thus far, and definitely had the least amount of chopping.  I only had to chop the cucumber and pull the leaves off the parsley, which helped speed things along.  It took me 36 minutes from packaging to plate, so only 1 minute over the 25-35 Plated told me it would take.  I was also able to wash dishes and do a few household tasks during the process.  I can see myself using the same cooking techniques in the future.  I’ve never dotted 20150127_184155butter on fish before, you literally just put globs of butter on fish.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the pickled cucumbers.  Just cucumber + kosher salt + 1/2 cup of rice wine vinegar + 10 minutes wait.  Great for a quick snack!

Here’s a picture 20150127_184649of the first batch of parsley frying, sorry it’s so dark!  I would have never thought to fry parsley without Plated telling me to.


At 580 calories per serving, this was a nutritious and healthy meal.  Bonus for me – my husband wasn’t very hungry and I got to eat his cucumbers and a little bit of extra rice.  Lucky me!!20150127_185444

If you are interested in Plated, please use my referral code so we both get free meals!!

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