Plated Philly-Style Cheese Steaks

Actual text message convo between my husband and I yesterday:

Me: Thinking Philly cheese steaks for dinner tonight

Him: Woah…cheese steaks!! Yes, that would be awesome, we would have to go to the store.  Would you rather do that Saturday as a together thing.

Me: We have Plated cheese steaks, but we can make our own on Saturday together if you want.  Plated uses real cheese.

Him: Woah…back up the real cheese truck, I guess it’s okay this once.  Let’s do them tonight


You see, my husband’s family is from Philadelphia, and his Nana still lives there.  While he is kind of a food snob in many ways, he prefers canned fake cheese on his cheese steaks.  Personally I think he’s crazy, but to each his or her own.

Anyways, this was another delicious meal.  Hubby even said “I could eat this twice a week for the rest of my life”.  It was that good!  It took me 41 minutes, just 1 minute over Plated’s 30-20150128_18360220150128_18180840 minute time estimate.  Most of that time was spent chopping.  SO MUCH CHOPPING!  I think I might be holding my knife wrong, my index finger started to hurt halfway through, I’ll ha20150128_184405ve to ask my husband to watch next time so he can tell me if I’m doing it wrong.  I felt like there was a lot of dishwashing in this one, too.  Two cutting boards, 3 knives, two pans, a baking sheet, a measuring spoon, tongs, and a spatula to stir.

It felt like there was a lot going on at the same time in this one recipe, I had to be cognizant of 2 pans as well as the rolls being warmed in the oven.


This recipe required the broil setting of my oven, which I have never used before, so I looked it up.  In baking, the heat comes from the bottom of the oven.  In broiling, the heat comes from the top.  Makes sense for these cheese steaks, because everything else is already cooked, you are just trying to melt the cheese.  I was really happy that Plated included 4 pieces of cheese instead of the 3 it listed in the recipe, it was nice to be able to just put 2 slices on each.

Here’s the finished product, I took a picture just before putting the cheese on then again after it came out of the oven.  Quite messy to eat as a sandwich, but SO delicious.  A little high in calories at 720 per serving, but SO yummy. 🙂


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