Braised Massaman Chicken: Plated Week 3 Plate 2

Friday night I made Braised Chicken with Potatoes and Massaman Curry.  It was spicy and quite tasty!  Unfortunately I messed up the curry sauce, I didn’t measu20150122_180631re my oil and used too much, so it was quite oily.  But it was still delicious.  It took me 1 hour and 8 minutes, definitely not the 30-40 minutes Plated told me it would take.  I th20150122_184452ink those are maybe the times of professional chefs?  I’m getting better at chopping, but it still takes me a while.  If I made this 20150122_182905again, I’d measure the oil, as well as slice the chicken into bite size pieces for ease of eating.  There was a bad piece of potato which I did not appreciate, but it was easy enough to cut out and not eat.  I am so thankful that my husband insists on good knives.  They aren’t cheap, but make my job much easier.

I hate touching raw chicken.  It totally icks me out.  Just look at it!!20150122_182832

One thing that surprise me was the coconut milk.  I actuall20150122_183811y HATE coconut with a passion, and was worried about this being in the recipe.  Luckily it was overpowered by the other flavors and I couldn’t taste it at all.  But look at it.  It was all congealed and globby.

I also thought that the color was totally off compared20150122_184756 to the picture.  In the picture, it’s much more yellowish, not the dark reddish orange I got.  Not a big deal, just different.





Here is the finished product, as you can see, it’s extra oily, which is totally my fault and should not be blamed on plated.  It tasted really good, I really liked the heat the curry provided.

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