Purge Update

Just a quick update on how my decluttering is going, it’s going extremely well.  It’s becoming easier, but I still feel like I haven’t had to make too many hard decisions yet.  Some days I do more than 5 items, but I always do at least 5.  I’m going to be traveling for work next month, so I’ll have to make up the items either before or after I go.  Luckily I’ll be home on weekends.

I started my Purge on 12/17/14.  There have been 38 days since then, meaning I have thrown out or donated at least 200 items.  Some days I don’t feel like it, so on those days I kind of phone it in.  College Me thought it was important to have a bazillion pairs of underwear instead of doing laundry more than once a quarter, and several years ago I put a ton of underwear in a basket in my closet, and some days I just pick 10 and pitch them.  One day I was just going to clean out the fridge and count that, but then later when I was setting out my clothes for the next day I realized I couldn’t find a tank top I wanted.  In searching, I found over 5 items that I should donate, so I added them to the Goodwill pile.

I still have a long way to go.  There are still boxes of clothes in storage that I need to sort through.  I still can’t shut my drawers as well as I’d like, and I still have a messy closet.  But I’m working towards progress, not perfection.  🙂

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