Plated Week 2 Plate 2

Friday night I made Steak Gyros with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce and they were quite tasty!!  I’m still not good enough to get under the estimated time frame, but I’m working on it.  Plated said these would take 20-30 minutes, it took me 31 and I even had help!  These were 530 calories per serving, and very filling.


My husband helped with some of the chopping and flipping the meat.  As always, chopping and slicing was the most time consuming item.  One important thing we forgot to do was to dry off the shredded cucumber, it made the yogurt sauce very watery.


I think the worst part about Plated is all of the dishes it creates.  SO many dishes to wash!!  But the food is really good, healthy, and I am learning new skills.



Despite following the directions, we seemed to have a lot of extra onion mixture.  My husband and I just aren’t that big on raw onion, so we did use it as more of a garnish.  Also, I diced it instead of slicing.

20150109_191536Overall this was a fairly easy dish, and I could see myself making my own yogurt sauce in the future, or maybe even tzatziki!

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