Plated Week 2 Plate 1

Last night I made Blood Orange Wild Sockeye Salmon with Brown Butter Gnoochi.  It was the best plated meal yet!!  The meal was 790 calories per serving, and said it would take 20-30 minutes.  It took me about 35, but I at least was able to unload the dishwasher and wash dishes throughout the process.20150106_175340

There was a lot less chopping in this meal, just garlic, sage, and kale.  But there was SO MUCH KALE!


I’ve made kale before (and kale chips nom nom nom), so I know it loses a lot of volume when it’s cooked.  The recipe said to discard the stems, luckily my two dogs LOVE crunchy veggies and were happy to eat the scraps.  My older dog looks at them as treats and takes them into the other room to enjoy in his standard treat spot.

I felt that of all the recipes so far, this was one I am most likely to try to cook on my own.  The easy glaze of a blood orange + soy sauce + Worcestershire sauce is something I could whip up without a fancy recipe card, and my hubby LOVES gnoochi.   And now I know how to brown butter!  I mean, it’s pretty easy.  You just put butter in a pan and stir it occasionally until it’s brown.  But I do feel like Plated is teaching me a lot of new cooking techniques.

Here’s a photo while it’s cooking, I was using the same spatula in both pans, so that’s why there is kale on the salmon.


20150106_183841I thought I had a picture of the two finished plates, but unfortunately my phone misled me.  Could have been operator error.  But here’s a picture of my half eaten plate, haha.

20150106_183848My puppies were very interested in what we were eating, and made sure that they were available if I were to drop anything.  They got a treat on Sunday when I accidentally spilled lentils all over me and the couch, I’m sure they were hoping for a repeat!





A couple people have asked me if Plated is worth the cost.  It’s not cheap, it’s a minimum of $12 a plate, so $24 for a meal for 2.  It’s not cheaper than cooking.  That being said, if I was to attempt to recreate this, I would easily spend over $24 in gathering the necessary ingredients.  You can’t typically buy just a tablespoon of this or a single spring of sage, but having the larger quantities would lend it to other meals.  But knowing me, it’s just as likely to go bad before I use it.  If I wasn’t using Plated, I would probably order in, get carryout, or go to a restaurant.  All of which would easily cost more than $24.  Plated is not for those who are on a tight food budget, or those who don’t want to spend 30-60 minutes prepping, cooking, and cleaning.  But if you are a person who typically eats out but wants to learn to cook, I think it’s worth a try.  My code below will give you 2 free plates!

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