Plated Week 2 Meal 3

On Sunday I made the Butternut Squash Ravioli with Spinach Pesto.  It was the most delicious meal, but also the most time consuming by far.  It estimated 30-40 minutes, which I honestly don’t know how anyone could do unless they are ravioli making wizards.  My half-Italian husband even helped throughout the whole process and we took 55 minutes total.

20150111_115924I’ve made ravioli before, but only with homemade pasta, never with wonton wrappers.  When we made it before, we used a ravioli press hubby’s Nana (Italy born and bred) gave us.


Lots of chopping as usual, the squash needed chopped, the garlic, the walnuts, and the oregano.  I realized I had NEVER seen oregano on the stems before, only already shredded like you would buy in the spice aisle of the store.




I got to use the immersion blender, I did not think that it 20150111_121633would be able to handle whole spinach and basil leaves, but it did!  Even if it did take 5 minutes and cause my hand to hurt.






My husband did most of the ravioli making, I was working on the filling and pesto.  I did a couple though!  We ran out of filling though, and ended up with only 13 raviolis and 5 extra wonton wrappers.20150111_123756


But in the end, we had two delicious plates of ravioli to eat.  This was definitely a weekend dish, I’m glad I didn’t try to do it on a weeknight after work.  20150111_125010

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