Plated Week 1 Plate 3

My 3rd and final plated meal from my first shipment!  Not my final ever, I have a box coming today and another one coming on the 20th.  I am going to do this every other week to start, because it’s not cheap.  But it is delicious, teaches me new recipes, saves time at the grocery store, lets me hone my chopping and cooking skills, and gets me off the couch for 30-45 minutes.

On Sunday I made Sausage with Lentils.  This recipe was 810 calories per serving and said it would take 30-40 minutes.  It took me about 45.  I’ve never made lentils before.  I had unfortunately lost the recipe card due to a cleaning binge, but luckily was able to download it to my husband’s tablet for easy viewing.

20150104_124025 20150104_124018Once again I had lots of chopping to do and chose a way too small cutting board.  I had to chop the onion, carrots, celery, and ginger.

At one point, my husband was trying to talk to me and I had to (nicely) ask him to check in with me later as I had to take the bread out of the oven, turn the sausage, and add the red wine vinegar to the lentils.

Other than that, I once again had a nutritious and delicious meal that my husband said he would eat again.  I also had lots of dirty dishes.  I forgot to take a picture of the food plated, but I think you can get the idea from this one.


I am really excited for my next box, it includes Steak Gyros, Butternut Squash Ravioli, and Blood Orange Salmon.

If you are interested in Plated, please use my referral code so we both get free meals!!

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