Oldest items yet

So this morning I went to my closet to find my 5 items to donate or toss.  I have a lot of old purses, so it’s something I can just grab and get done so I don’t have to worry about it in the evening.

Most of my purses had something in it- gum wrappers, time of the month products, etc.  But one held the oldest items I’ve found so far.


Yep, that’s a paystub from August 2002 from my brief time at Outback Steakhouse.  I worked there the summer between high school and college.  Those coupons are for Long John’s Silver and expired October 5, 2002.  The receipt is from Meijer, 10/17/02.  I bought gum, blow pops, Twizzlers, a candy necklace, a poster, and a large hook.  I also found anti-bacterial hand gel that was completely liquified.  It expired in 2000.

I’m trying to remember myself in 2002.  I was so excited for college.  I was ready to make new friends, have new challenges, and escape the small town of Ada.  I’ve been with my husband since April 2003, so this even pre-dated him.

This purse has been with me for FIVE moves.  Unused, in a closet.  All because I was afraid I might want it again someday, even though it’s not something I would even carry now.  It’s an off-white canvas purse that’s too big for a wristlet, not big enough to even hold my phone and sunglasses.  Hopefully someone will find it at Goodwill and give it a better home.  🙂

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