Progress on New Years Resolution

After multiple trips to goodwill, and multiple trips to the garbage can, I now have an office/dressing room I can use without dancing around debris on the floor.  I can actually sit on my desk and USE it.  I could lay on the floor if I wanted to!  I still have a ways to go,  my drawers aren’t all closing, my closet is a mess, and I still have clothes in storage that I should probably just donate without looking at.  But I have stuck to my resolution of finding 5 (or more) items everyday to donate or toss.  I threw out my old makeup bag that had dust in it (GROSS) and transferred only the makeup I use to a new bag and threw out the rest.  I have a designate place to put items that will end up at Goodwill, once I fill up a bag I’ll drop it off.  It is so nice to get ready in my room now, and be able to see all of my jewelry options and not have to get dressed in the hall.

20150102_115234Happy smiles on the way to Goodwill!

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