Plated Tortelloni in Brodo with Mustard Greens

Prior to writing this blog post, I was not aware that tortelloni and tortellini were two separate words.  My research has told me that the former is typically larger and filled with cheese whereas the latter is smaller and filled with meat.  The more you know!  I was busy with other things while making this meal, so it took me 52 minutes instead of the 35-45 Plated state it would take.  But overall this was a nice, easy recipe.  Not too much chopping, and I thoroughly enjoyed making a little flavor satchel.  The broth was GOOD too!  It did feel a little wasteful to take out the onion, carrots, and celery, so while I did toss the onion, I gave the carrots and celery to my dogs.  They were super psyched about that!  This is another recipe that would be quite easy to duplicate.  I’d probably do a few things differently- keep the veggies, and probably wouldn’t make a flavor packet, but cooking pasta in broth instead of plain water really gives it a nice full flavor.  I also surprisingly liked the mustard greens in the pasta, as they really added a nice texture.  All in all, a pretty good meal from Plated!

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