Plated Chicken Larb Cabbage Cups with Sriracha, Lime, and Green Beans

This recipe taught me what larb is – according to Plated, larb is a spicy ground meat salad, popular in Lao and Thai cuisines.  It reminded me a little of those delicious chicken lettuce cups I’ve gotten at PF Chang’s.  Unfortunately there were not enough cabbage leaves for more than 2 cups per plate, but we tore up the rest and ate it as a big salad.  I really enjoyed the green beans chopped up in a salad, I would have never thought about doing that, and think that it’s an easy technique for future recipes.  I also love the idea of using lettuce/cabbage instead of a tortilla or other starch.

Plated said that this recipe would take 40-50 minutes, it took me 32.  I did, however, completely burn the shallot which made it inedible.  Luckily it was just a garnish and not really needed.  The finished plate on the right I gave to my hubby since it was prettier.  All in all, this was a decent recipe.  Not my favorite Plated meal, but gave me good ideas for the future.

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