Decluttering is a good thing

Since my last blog I have discarded or donated at least 5 items each day I was home.  I was gone two days, but I had donated a bag of clothes to make up for it before I left.  It’s still fairly easy, I haven’t had to make too many tough decisions yet.  I’ve donated items I never wear, some were my sister’s that she gave me when we were both losing weight a couple years back. I’ve thrown away expired medicine, makeup, and more.  Things in the past I would have kept “just in case”.  But NO more.  I have already been better about buying things I don’t need – really pondering – do I REALLY need this?  How much would I wear it?  Where will I keep it? etc.

I’m really proud of myself.  I know it will get harder, but the thought of being able to always put clean clothes back in drawers is my light at the end of the tunnel.

I found this Decluttering guide on Facebook and I plan to follow it.

Here’s the first week:

Who knew you could donate old Christmas cards?

My mission for this weekend is to clean out my office/dressing room.  I am taking everything out but heavy furniture and putting it in my husband’s office next door.  Then I’ll vacuum and be judicious about what goes back in.  It’s pretty gross, but the carpet hasn’t been vacuumed in probably over a year. because it’s been covered with stuff.  Next I will empty all of my dressers and purge those of clothes I can’t remember wearing.  I’m planning on getting a smaller desk so that I can have more storage space and will be less likely to use my desk as a shelf.  I do sometimes work from home, so it will be nice to have a set place.

I won’t tackle my closet just yet – once my room is back in order I’ll have a closer space to sort and purge.  That will be a project for another weekend!

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