So obviously I sucked at my challenge

It was a lot harder than I expected and required a lot more money than I wanted to spend.  So I gave up.  Sadness.


But now I am going to use my blog for something better.  To chronicle my new adventure of GETTING RID OF STUFF!!

My official 2015 New Year’s Resolution.  I have too much stuff. I have clothes over a decade old that don’t fit and/or shouldn’t be worn in public. I have makeup from high school that is unsanitary and needs to be tossed. I am a hoarder in the making who attaches emotions to objects. I have a whole extra bedroom as my personal closet and it’s not enough.

So my NY Resolution – EVERY day find FIVE items to either throw away or give to Goodwill. Items will immediately go into the garbage or a bag to take to Goodwill when filled up. When I can put clean clothes in drawers, stop using the floor as a shelf, have a closet I can get in and out of and use to store current clothing, and have a desk I can actually work on, I can stop.

I posted it on Facebook and my friends posted so many awesome things that I got super excited and started early.

Yesterday I found out some friends of a friend had a house fire and were in desperate need of clothes.  These ladies happened to be about my size, so yesterday I took 10 minutes and filled up a whole garbage bag of clothes I haven’t worn in a year and/or don’t plan on wearing in the next year.  There was more than one item with the tags still on it.  😦

I plan on filling up at least 2 more bags for these ladies over the weekend.  🙂

Today I went through my makeup in the bathroom and threw out 5 things.  One was eyeshadow from 1998.  GROSS!!!!!

I am so excited to get rid of stuff, it’s very weird for me.  But I can’t wait to have full use of my closet/room again.  🙂

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