The Arkansas Razorback

wpid-IMG_20140129_171857_333.jpgI went back to the APL for the Arkansas Razorback.  My bartender had never heard of it, but was happy to make it for me.

Recipe : 1/2 shot each of rum, vodka, amaretto, Kahlua

My coworker, Brad and I tried this in shot form.  It went down okay, I could really taste the amaretto, it was somewhat overpowering.  He was not a fan of the drink.

Taste:             5     This kind of burned on the way down.  I doubt I could drink more than a couple due to the sweetness, and I don’t plan on ordering this in the future.

Difficulty:     8    My bartender had no trouble making this with ingredients on hand

Lushiness:    7     This shot would get you drunk pretty quickly, considering it’s basically a double shot.

Overall Score : 6.67

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