Arizona – The High and Dry


This is the first drink I made myself.  APL did not have mandarin or orange vodka, so I purchased a small bottle.  I already had the Triple Sec and Red Bull on hand.

Recipe: 1  & 1/2 oz mandarin vodka, 3/4 oz Triple Sec, mix over ice and top with Red Bull

This was my favorite drink so far, it’s the closest to my normal drink of Diet Coke and Cherry Vodka, or my second favorite drink, a cherry bomb on the rocks.  The oranginess was a nice touch.

Taste:             8     Delicious, but I would have been happier without the Triple Sec.  I plan on drinking the rest of the orange vodka with Sprite or Red Bull.

Difficulty:     6    Had to buy the mandarin vodka, but making the actual drink was easy

Lushiness:   5    I think I would need 4 of these to be lightly drunk

Overall Score : 6.33

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