Challenge Accepted

That’s what I told my friend, Michelle, after she posted this article on my Facebook page.  She told me “You should do a 50 state challenge, and try to have each one of those drinks within the next year.”

I thought- why not? I love drinking, I love bars, and I love trying new things.  I have grown to accustomed to my usual Diet Coke and Paramount Cherry Vodka.  It’s time to tantalize my taste buds with fun new drinks.  Some of the drinks I’ll order from my favorite dive bar, some I may need to try at a fancier place.  Others I may have to concoct at home.

The Guidelines-

  • I have until Dec. 31 to try all 50 of the signature drinks listed in the Buzzfeed article
  • I may try the state drinks in any order
  • For the drink to count, it must be my first alcoholic drink of the day
  • I’ll write up a review for each drink and give it a rating on this blog.  How else would I remember 50 cocktails?

Welcome to Adventures in Lushland, here we go!!!

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